Make Sure Your Vote Counts
Nov 3

Here’s what Vermonters need to know to make sure their vote is counted on Tuesday, November 3:

  1. This will be Vermont's first universal vote-by-mail election. Starting September 18, every active registered Vermont voter will be mailed a general election ballot. To ensure your ballot is sent to the correct location, confirm your address here.
  2. Return your ballot promptly. The Vermont Secretary of State will issue guidance on the last date to return your ballot by mail. Prior to Election day, you can return your marked ballot to your town clerk. On Election Day, you can return your marked ballot to your polling location.
  3. Register. In Vermont, we have same-day voter registration. You can register to vote online or at your town clerks office any day prior to the election, and at your polling location on Election Day. Register to vote here
  4. You can vote in person at polling locations on Election Day. You will not be required to produce the ballot mailed to you in order to vote in person. However, you will be required to sign an affidavit attesting that you have not returned your ballot or cast a ballot in that election.  
  5. You can vote safely on Election Day. Drive-through and outdoor polling locations will be available. A polling place location may be changed no later than 15 days prior to the election. Find your polling location here.
  6. Want to vote Robert “Bob” Richards to represent you in the House? We do, too, and it’s easy to do! Where it says “Vote Only For TWO” color in the box next to Bob’s name ONLY, casting a single, strong vote for good government, lightly applied.
Richards in The House 2020